The ghostwriting industry

Black sheep and reputable suppliers

You are looking for a ghostwriter and thought that it can not be that hard? However, your Internet research confronted you with a variety of offers and now you do not know at all, which you should choose? Then you feel like many who are unsure who to entrust their assignment to.

It is actually quite clear what you are looking for, namely quality, train reliability and discretion. Many providers promise that, but do they keep their promise? If you are skeptical, it is not bad at all. It does not hurt to play it safe. Especially not, if it is a very important text and for a proud SĂĽmmchen wanders across the table. After all, you’ve probably heard of black ghosts in the ghostwriting industry, wondering if those are just rumors or not.

There are no rumors. The ghostwriting industry is no different than many other industries whose reputation suffers from some criminals. Unfortunately, many fraudsters have realized that good money can be earned with ghostwriting. Their websites are inviting and professional and often are not that easy to distinguish from serious providers. Many people have already fallen for it. They transferred the money agreed for the order, but did not even receive a written sentence.

So that does not happen to you, in the following we will tell you how to differentiate reputable from dubious ghostwriters.

Ghostwriter in Comparison: Six tips to separate the litter from the wheat.

Ghostwriting is not a fad. Already in the past, well-known personalities have focused on ghostwriters and have their biographies, speeches, doctoral theses and scientific papers written by them.

What is new, however, is that the ghostwriting industry is experiencing a veritable boom and, in recent years, more and more ghostwriters have appeared on the academic scene in particular. They either work alone or organize themselves in intermediary agencies.

Especially agencies offer a wide range of different disciplines and different scientific or academic formats. This includes homework and bachelor theses as well as dissertations. As demand for ghostwriters has increased in the past, supply has grown accordingly. In order not to fall for criminals, you should pay attention to a few basic things.

First tip: Benefit from the testimonials of other customers!

If you can not find anything on the net about a particular provider, you should be surprised. As a rule, good and serious ghostwriters have been working in the industry for a couple of years and have already been evaluated by other customers. Take advantage of that! In addition to the impression given by the internet presence of an agency or ghostwriter, you can also compare the various providers thanks to the ratings of other customers. So you will not only find out if a certain offer is serious, but also what the best offer is.

Second tip: get in touch!

Once you get an initial overview and there are a few shortlisted suppliers, it’s time to get in touch. Introduce your request as concrete as possible. These include the topic, the number of pages, and a time stamp until when the text should be ready. In addition, you should inform the ghostwriter about your extra wishes.

For example, is data evaluation or data collection important to your work? Maybe interviews have to be conducted? Or have you already thought a few things and would like them to be incorporated into the work? All this should be communicated to your potential ghostwriter. Whether this is serious or not, you can see if it responds to your wishes, advises you comprehensively and points out the feasibility.

Third tip: Compare the prices!

Ghostwriters take different prices. When calculating these, the following components usually play a role: the number of pages, the time the ghostwriter has to write the text, the level of the text, the field of expertise, and the experiences of the ghostwriter. In addition, in the academic field, it is of course also crucial whether a homework, a bachelor thesis or a dissertation is to be written.

Serious offers can also be distinguished from dubious, as they shine on their homepage with regard to the determination of the price through transparency. They explain exactly how the price is composed. Likewise, reputable providers point out that good ghostwriters have their price.

In contrast, dubious providers recognize that they are suspiciously cheap compared to other providers. That’s why we advise you: Stay away from discounterähnlichen offers!

Fourth tip: Ask for installment payments and partial deliveries!

Even if you can pay the money in one fell swoop, you should still insist on paying in installments. This also applies to the partial deliveries. Even if you do not need them, you should request them. There is a very simple reason: only reputable ghostwriters offer this service!

For each partial delivery you pay a fixed rate. Not only does this give you financial security, but it also gives you the opportunity to assess the quality of the text from the beginning and to ensure that your text also develops in the right direction.

In addition, rogue vendors betray themselves by providing their clients with an account outside the EU for the transfer. So if you contact a provider, then this is only serious if the payment is to be made in account.

Fifth tip: Take a look at the imprint and the commercial register!
A final decisive indication of whether a ghostwriter or a corresponding agency is a reputable provider is provided by the imprint and the commercial register. This is not a big science, but a very clear thing.

If a particular provider does not have an imprint on its website, it means: Stay away from it! The same applies to the commercial register. If a particular company is not listed there, there is no doubt that something is wrong with the case.

Sixth tip: compare your favorites!
For which of these providers you decide, of course, depends on what you are looking for.

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